Border Control, Muslims and a “Modest” Upbringing are Trump’s “Freebird” by Lynyrd Skynyrd

Border Control, Muslims and a “Modest” Upbringing are Trump’s “Freebird” by Lynyrd Skynyrd

Bernie Sanders


Okay, I didn’t make that title up all on my own. I heard Trevor Noah say something like that on the Daily Show tonight. For those of you who know so little about politics or Skynyrd – it means when Trump feels like no one is listening at his little rallies…he starts throwing out soundbites that he knows will get him attention. If you are truly a Skynyrd fan, you also know that song (Free Bird) is long and old and gets really old really fast – whether you are a rock star or just in a random band. True Skynryrd fans love lots of other songs of his like Simple Man, Tuesday’s Gone with the Wind, That Smell, Needle and the Spoon, Battle of Curtis Loew, Down South Jukin’, Saturday Night Special, Gimme 3 Steps, What’s Your Name, Sweet Home Alabama (my personal least favorite overplayed song – ewe), et. al. I guess when the band feels like no one is listening they play Freebird? I never said I have common sense.

Fox News and Trump know that all they have to do is say Border Control, Muslims or Modest Upbringing to get people riled up and ticked off at the Democrats…especially the ones like Bernie Sanders. See, when Bernie Sanders was growing up his dad died and left him a couple thousand dollars. Trump’s dad died and left him a million. I guess it depends on your definition of modest. Semantics. Trump is a Go-Zillionaire and Sanders has less than a million now in overall money or wealth. He is not even a millionaire. Oh, and Obama’s dad left him…a whole bunch of dreams. Which would you prefer? Don’t know? Neither do I.

Next, border control. Trump lovers are afraid of like all people below the border because they think they will be bum rushing the United States if someone like Sanders is elected. So, he knows if he just scares the living daylights out of Americans (and/or white people)…he will fool those who have no clue. Duh.

Last, Muslims. I have, I believe, posted at length on the fact that there are 12 million or more Muslims in the United States. There are like 1.6 billion in the world – if they were all hoping to kill the Americans, we would be dead by now. Thus, t is not even worthy of an at length explanation. If you believe all Muslims are in ISIS,  all refugees are terrorists or whatever sad little theory some people have due to lack of doing their own personal research and/or not personally knowing Muslims who are peaceful, kind, loving people – there is nothing I can say that will help you.



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