What is the deal with Facebook?

What is the deal with Facebook?


What is the deal with FB


I would like to start this post by saying that I am as guilty as your most annoying friend on Facebook. And, I am sorry. I really am. I try to make a conscious effort to have self-control when it comes to what I post. Some days I succeed with flying colors. Other days, I fail. And, by fail, I mean I really go a little nuts.

For the past several months, I have felt that Facebook has shifted. For me, this could be something that only I am personally experiencing. But, I don’t feel sure that is true.

I have noticed a lot of the following and am guilty of most:

-Incessant Plexus posting (Not guilty.)

-Incessant (insert pyramid scheme product here) posting…Jamberry, lash boosting mascara, weight loss products, and on and on and on and on and on and on. (Not guilty.)

-Inflammatory posts regarding the state flag (Not really sure if I am guilty on this one, but I would happily tell you I am for taking the confederate part of the flag down immediately.)

Passionate and inflammatory posts regarding Initiative 42 – for and against, confused, misinformation, et. al. (Guilty. I do not like our legislators not funding public education as they promised they would do in the late 90s and have not done.)

-Passionate posting about the DA race in Columbus (Guilty, but not sorry. Congrats Scott Colom!!!)

-Inflammatory and/or passionate posting for or against Syrian refugees (Guilty, but I try to have tact on this one.)

-Inflammatory and/or passionate posting regarding the 2016 Presidential election (Guilty, but I try to have tact.)

-Pro-gun posts following mass shootings at schools, movie theaters, churches, etc. and also gun control posts (I have views, but I think I stayed out of this one.)

-Black Lives Matter, Black Lives Don’t Matter, All Lives Matter, etc. (Not guilty.)

-Posts saying any and everything that ever happens on Earth is Obama’s fault (NOT guilty.)

-Posts saying what is the world coming to, what is wrong with this country, how we are all going to hell in an hand-basket, etc. (NOT guilty.)

-Posts of hate towards Muslims, posts saying all Muslims are terrorists, etc. (NOT guilty.)

-Posts that invoke unnecessary fear of doom. (Not guilty.)

-Anti-LGBT posts, posts for or against marriage equality, etc. (I think I do this tactfully. I am Pro-marriage equality. Pro-LGBT rights. I do not identify as LGBT, but I fervently support them.)

-Posts for or against abortion, planned parenthood, etc. (Not guilty.)

-Posts for or against Miss. State, Ole Miss, LSU, Alabama, Auburn, Arkansas, et. al. that are intentionally combative, maliciously derogatory, not in good fun, etc. (I was once incredibly guilty of this, however, I am just happy if we win these days. I am not interested in throwing shade at another school, for the most part.

I firmly believe if we plan to unite as a state, we should not be hateful to Ole Miss and vice versa. Additionally, Mississippi State and Ole Miss appeared together on the cover of Sports Illustrated during the 2014-15 Football Season. A first ever thing.

Crazily, Mississippi State went on to get their very own cover.

To add to the excitement, Ole Miss also got their own cover.

I would say we should both be exceedingly happy that the state of Mississippi was recognized nationally for something positive. Can I get an Amen? Sorry for getting off task.)

-Posts for or against non-violent crime (Guilty. I think we should be more lenient on non-violent offenders.)

-Posts for or against the death penalty (Not guilty. I think.)

I think you get my drift. I could keep going, but I don’t want to lose focus of my topic. What is the deal with Facebook?

I really fell in like with Facebook when I was living in Kansas and separated by 800 miles or more from friends and family. I felt like I could still keep in touch with and keep up with those I cared about…and some I didn’t. I loved reconnecting with friends from high school, college, childhood, and so on.

As a public relations/marketing person, I have written social media plans, bought advertising and understand the power that it has in promoting a product. I’ve managed social media sites for businesses, colleges, an aspiring author who wrote and published her first book and now the West Point Consolidated School District. I know how to use it properly, and I have been successful in helping certain employers gain thousands of likes, shares and engagement. I know what is and isn’t professional use, and I am able to put on my professional hat when managing these sites for compensation.

I will now shift to a discussion about my own personal page.

What I sometimes. No. What I always find as of late,  while scanning my newsfeed, are posts that are actually incorrect, non-factual and are often disproven by doing a simple google or snopes search. For my brain, these are the car accidents that I know I should look away from and can’t. I have an impulse to correct misinformation. I do this to a point sometimes that I offend and anger others. I am sorry. If I post something that is factually false – please call me out on it. One thing that I can guarantee is that I am not perfect! Just today I posted a quote that Ben Carson allegedly said on my very favorite conservative friend and Class of 1997 classmate’s Facebook page. He called me out on it, and he should have. I would do the same for him if I saw the opportunity. Charles Albert Johnson, III and I enjoy debate, but we have yet to get mad at each other. We just know we likely don’t agree on whatever the topic of the day is regarding politics.

Moving on, I just wanted to say that I feel like Facebook, for me, has become a non-happy place on certain days. I find myself moving so much farther left and away from ever being anything close to in the middle. I don’t find that I walk away from Facebook feeling like I have accomplished much other than further alienating myself in the reddest, most stuck in their ways state in the nation.

It just seems that people on Facebook these days are this way or that way and if you aren’t the same way that they are, you know you are likely getting on people’s nerves. From the same token, when you encounter people that think the same way that you do, you feel validation. So, there are positive aspects to this social media tool. While I have wandered down this road, I will also say that I get a lot of my news from Facebook – from respected news sources too. I feel that I am very aware.

Again, moving on.

Could we please stop with the posts of abused people and/or animals?Those are really mentally scary for me.

What was my point? What is the deal with Facebook? I don’t know. I feel like what was a way to reconnect and share moments from our lives with others has become a platform for people’s personal agendas. Most everyone is outraged about something everyday. I get it. I am outraged too.

However, I go back to the meme I posted at the very beginning of this post. No matter how many times you post stuff about how you feel about something. No matter what really. People who have made up their minds are very highly likely not changing them.

There is a such thing as friendly debate – whether it be about the legalities of having a food truck in West Point to whether you believe Global Warming is real or fake.

We can debate these issues with kindness. When you feel that the conversation you are in is getting out of control, utilize self-control. Step away from the computer. Nancy, you have to do this too!

Don’t be the boy who cried wolf. You can not be passionate about every single thing that is happening in the news every single day. Pick your topics and promote those. Otherwise, you are diluting your own personal brand.

If you are going to be bold. Be bold with courtesy.

And, please. Could we get back to fun and friendly Facebook? If you post five things a day, why don’t you use one of those posts for outrage, two or three for fun and the fourth or fifth for pics, memories, etc.

These are all suggestions for myself and others.

Do you feel like Facebook has become hostile? What gets on your nerves the most? What do you enjoy seeing on Facebook? Please comment!! I will post your comments as soon as I am able to validate that they are you and not some virus person posting about Viagra and the like.


2 thoughts on “What is the deal with Facebook?

  1. Love you Miss Nancy, I love how we may have had a small part in your liberal ways, we support you and hope your words resonate with others, way to go, you have inspired me…miss you!


    1. You most certainly did Mam! You taught me the benefits of being a hippy. I may not be one, but I understand there are aspects that I like about it! I am so glad that you, Rob and the girls were placed in my life! We will meet again…hopefully this summer! We didn’t say goodbye! We said until we meet again!


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