Democratic Debate – Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa

Democratic Debate – Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa


Governor O’Malley – you are nice looking, but Baltimore, Maryland is still one of the most dangerous cities in the United States – where you were once mayor. All you talk about is Maryland, Maryland, Maryland – and it makes you appear that you are confused about the job description of President. I do thank you for calling Donald Trump an “Immigrant-Bashing Carnival Barker” – hilarious. I just think it is time to let the two real players, play. You interrupt with uninteresting details about Maryland way too often.

Hillary Clinton – I do not detest you or your views. I just do not trust you. I don’t agree with you taking millions in campaign contributions from SuperPacs, and I do think you alluded to getting financial support from Wall Street due to your dedication to New York post-911. You may not have meant it that way, but that was how it sounded. There were some tough moments, and you didn’t give up. You held your own. I’m just unable to trust someone who is able to be bought.

Bernie, your passion is inspiring. I feel like you have the experience, knowledge and enthusiasm to invoke change. I trust you. I agree with you. I want you to start a revolution as you say in some of your speeches. I will drive around town with your sticker on my car and send you the tiniest of monthly campaign contributions. I will post clever memes and statements about you and your beliefs on my Facebook page. I will explain why I support you to the very few who ask. However, I feel like I am one of two people in the state of Mississippi who have even heard of you, and it is maddening. I can not control the culture and/or beliefs of the citizens in Mississippi. I can not fix decades of racial frustration, and I can not make people care about public education. What I can do is help start the conversations with people who might be disgusted with the current state of government and politics. I can respect other viewpoints and share those that are my own. I can explain Citizens United and SuperPACs to those unfamiliar. I can describe your views and your plan to implement them. I can care. I can explain that there was once a time when the people were in charge in the United States and not politicians. I can hope for a day when people don’t take campaign contributions (bribes) from self-serving businesses. I am going to have to do exactly what Bernie said in the debate last night which is this:

“”Millions of people are going to have to stand up, turn off the TV, get involved in the political process and tell the big moneyed interests that we are taking back our country.” – Bernie Sanders, Democratic Debate @ Drake University

A true grassroots political movement is what we need in this country, and Bernie Sanders is trying to make that happen. What can you do? Welcome political conversation. Stop worrying about being polite. Have the hard conversations. Realize the middle class is rapidly dying. Vote against big government. Stay informed. Get your news from more than one news source. Don’t believe everything you hear on the news. Get involved. Research. Care. Vote. Vote for the candidate that can not be bought. Vote for Bernie Sanders.


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