Takeaways from the Democratic Forum at Winthrop University in South Carolina

Takeaways from the Democratic Forum at Winthrop University in South Carolina


A fun Friday night for The Liberal Southern Belle includes a recliner and a Democratic debate. All three candidates greatly stepped up their game since their first debate! O’Malley, Sanders and even Clinton came across as personable and intelligent. They all seem to respect each other. I saw none of the three say negative things about each other or anyone on the Republican side either. Class was on the stage for the whole forum.

These candidates want to get back to the days when Dems and Republicans actually worked together – some more than others. Sanders said we should get back to the days when candidates ran for free – meaning not taking bribes from Koch, Exxon, etc. Just run on your platform as candidates used to do. I agree.

One thing I wish Republican voters would realize is their candidates do not represent the best interests of the middle class in Mississippi or in the USA. Unless you are mega rich, they are doing you no favors. I will likely never be mega rich, and I want the candidate that gets the frustrations people like me face. Sanders and O’Malley get it.

We can all worship and teach our families our values daily. Look past their views on certain moral issues that do not affect you personally, and see the big picture.

Our government has shifted dramatically due to the Citizens United Supreme Court Decision. In a nutshell this decision said that it is OK for corporations and labor unions to spend as much as they want to convince people to vote for or against a candidate.

The reason I support Sanders is because he does not participate in taking large campaign contributions. In fact, 88% of Sanders donations are less than $200. 

I was impressed by all three tonight. Even Hillary seemed to be a bit more relaxed. Sanders is still my #1. O’Malley would be my #2. Clinton is #3.

Oh, and for you who believe owning a gun is your “God given right” – Sanders isn’t saying you can’t have a gun. He is saying guns purchased in order kill other humans need regulation. Assault rifles like those used in mass shootings need reform. No one is taking away your right to hunt or protect your family from danger, so please just take a deep breath;-)

Good stuff. Next debate is Saturday, November 14 at Drake University. I have a friend who does social media marketing strategy there, and I hope he will share insider details with me post-debate. 😉


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