Summer To-Do List

Summer To-Do List

Okay, I guess I am writing about fun stuff right now instead of issues related to liberalism. I will get back on track later. But, right now my brain is focused on fun in the sun with my main man.


We have a less than traditional domestic situation, but we have been able to make it work thus far. One of the blessings about our arrangement, is that I am off of work for the most part when he is out of school! My post today is about fun things to do in the Golden Triangle area that are also budget conscious choices. We have a lot planned, and I am still looking for find more things to do.

I have researched and rated my activities based on gas, ticket and food estimates as follows:

$: Zero to Ten Dollars

$$: Eleven to Thirty Dollars

$$$: Thirty to One Hundred Dollars

$$$$: One Hundred Dollars to Two Hundred Dollars

$$$$$: Two to Three Hundred Dollars

$$$$$$: Three Hundred and Up

On our list this summer are:

Summer Reading Program at Bryan Public Library – $

VBS – $

$2 Malco Movies in Tupelo or Columbus – $ (I have NO shame in smuggling in my own snacks and drinks. I have even gotten a route 44 sweet tea into the Columbus theatre under my coat. I learned this from my grandmother who popped our own popcorn before we went to the movies and put it in her purse!)

Camp Lake Stephens – $$$$$$ (Keep in mind that you are getting five full days of meals, activities, memories and learning about Jesus!)

Starkville Wet N Wild Beach – $$ (Web site says no coolers. I have a bag cooler that I would likely take with Gatorade and sandwiches. It looks like a purse.)

Geyser Falls – $$$$ (No outside food allowed. There is no way around this being an expensive outing.)

Memphis Zoo – $$$$ (This could be less if you take your own lunches and snacks. According to their website, this IS allowed!)

Bass Pro and Mud Island – $$$$ (Again, this could be less if you take your own lunch and snacks.)

Swimming, swimming and more swimming – $

Possible trip to the McWane Center in Birmingham – (not really sure because ticket prices were not listed on site)

Flea Market in Tupelo – $ and up depending on how much you buy – it only costs $1 to enter

Cousin play time, Nana play time, friend play time! – $

Beach! – $$$$$ This is our big purchase this summer. The only other time little roo has seen the ocean – it was literally closed due to oil spill. We will be eating mainly food from the grocery store to save $ and time waiting in the long lines for a table!

Going to the Birthplace of Elvis in Tupelo – $$$

Graceland – $$$$ (Graceland is not cheap! Who knew?)

Touring Waverly Mansion – $$ (We did this in elementary school, and I still remember it.)

Biking on the SKW Parkway – $ (I do have to get myself a bike, so I guess this could be $$$$, but it is a one time purchase.)

Painting at Persnickety Pottery (Summer Hours are M-F noon to 6) – $$

Children’s Museum in Memphis – $$$

Pink Palace Museum in Memphis – $$$

Alabama Splash Adventure $$$$

Six Flags Atlanta $$$$$ (No way around it – this is an expensive outing.)

Tour several departments and buildings at Mississippi State University – $

Sam Wilhite Transportation Museum – $

West Point Farmer’s Market (Thursdays 4-7 p.m.) – $

Various Arts Council Events and Activities – $-$$$

Alright, looking back over my list, there is no way we could afford to do it all! 😦 However, I like knowing all of my options before making decisions! I would like to add more choices in the free to $10 category. Too bad I can’t write a grant for summer fun with my son!! Do you have any ideas?

I know there are other activities and things to do in the area that I have not listed. Please share your favorite things to do in the summer in the Golden Triangle area! Are there any other camps or fun things that I am not aware of here? I am sure there are! Does your family have a favorite place to hike or take a picnic? What summer traditions do you have? What are some of the crafts that you like to make with your kids? I hope you will comment here or respond on Facebook!


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