I am a stubborn, strong willed, brave donkey.

I am a stubborn, strong willed, brave donkey.

Is there anything more taboo than a liberal woman in the south? I have been biting my tongue for the past 6 months now, and I just can’t keep pretending. Somewhere in the past ten years of my adult life, my views on the world changed. I have lived in DC and Kansas, a very red state, in addition to my upbringing in Pontotoc and West Point, MS. So, I can’t really say that geography and the fact that I left the south has influenced my thought process. I think maturity, confidence and the courage to think on my own have helped me a lot.

Born into a conservative, Christian family, I grew up attending the ultra conservative First Baptist Church in Pontotoc, MS. I loved going to church there, and there are some wonderful members in the congregation still there including my 94 year old grandmother. In the third grade, I moved to West Point and attended the First United Methodist Church. I wouldn’t say that I was raised to believe any particular way after moving to West Point. We just didn’t discuss politics much. After spending a summer as an intern in Washington DC my junior year of college, I developed a love for politics. I like reading about politics, hearing about politics and following the business of politics on the news. In my past, I have supported George Bush and even the McCain/Palin ticket. I have read autobiographies on Bush, Palin and even Barak Obama. All good reads – each author with their own personalities and experiences. However, living in Mississippi during the upcoming special election in Mississippi for Congress, I can’t help but comment on the truly silly commercials and scare tactics employed by the 10 + candidates running. None of them are politicians. And, Barak Obama is the boogie man. End of story. That is truly their platform. Period.

It reminds me of Henny Penny and “The Sky is Falling” fable.

Don’t believe me? Take a gander at some of these hilarious commercials…

I’m sorry, but these are comical to me. If you live in Mississippi and go to church, you must vote for these strong, conservative family men who are going to change Washington and stop Obama’s “agenda”. Really? Not everyone who goes to church is a “conservative.” Not everyone in the state of Mississippi feels like our values have been compromised. The world is not coming to an end. I could write at length about “the issues” here, but I will wrap this up by saying there are liberals alive and well in Mississippi. We are not radical crazy people. We are persons who love and enjoy the beauty of the south, the communities in which we live and our families. I do not believe Obama is a terrorist or that his “agenda” is driving this country to the “gutter.” I do, however, believe that radical conservatism is the reason republicans can not elect a president. Radical conservatives do not resonate with the current generation. This war on good vs. evil that the radical conservatives believe exists with their opponents being “the enemy” is laughable. The liberal media is, in my mind, just the media.  Rush Limbaugh and Fox News however, are rather extreme. They produce fear and anger.

Chill out. Enjoy life. Don’t worry so much about the sky falling. I’m not.

Also, just because you don’t believe what I believe doesn’t make you a bad person. And, just because you don’t believe what I believe doesn’t make me a bad person. Life is too short to spend worrying, hating others and worrying about things that really aren’t as bad as most people think that they are.

Go to Tijuana, Mexico. Your views on life will change forever. Truly believing that the mentally ill, disabled and poor should not be your problem is wrong. And, it is not Christian. 1 John 3:17 – “But if anyone has the world’s goods and sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how does God’s love abide in him?”

I plan to write about several of the issues over time. But, today, my issue is with this election and the doomsday rhetoric that these strong, conservative candidates are peddling. It does not encourage working together to find a common solution. It is an elitist viewpoint that makes Mississippi look like a bunch of jaded, judgmental, radical people. That is not who all of us are. At least, I really, really hope not.


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